'Three Little Words' - NEW RELEASE

Hey hope you’ve been doing well and living life to the max. I’ve some new music for your down time my friend :).

At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to create some solo piano/voice recordings to share with you. In my topsy-turvy music world, it’s something I’ve come to last despite many of you coming up to me after live shows asking if I had made a solo piano/voice record. I was listening honest..! But I felt I should only do this when I thought I could pull off putting the drama in the music recording full solo live takes in the studio singing and playing at the same time in a way that I’d be happy with… and that meant strictly no overdubs. This year the time was right - I felt ready for the challenge and cleared my diary for a week in March.

So now without further ado, I can share the first solo recording with you. It’s a brand new song called ‘Three Little Words’ and I’m pretty sure you’ll know the ones I mean. I wanted to write about the power words hold, and especially that particular pesky threesome. They can be healing, weaponised, manipulative, controlling or withheld - perhaps that’s when they have the most power of all.

For now, this series is streaming/download only but keep an eye out, there will be physical copies released bringing the whole series together at some point! If you want to be the first to hear when the next in the series is released, be sure to follow my page on Spotify and you’ll get automatic notifications.

Oh and don’t forget to let me know what you thought of the song - can’t wait to get your feedback :). Come and find me on Instagram or Facebook and we can chat there.

Happy listening, stay well!


Julia Biel.  Photo credit (c) Jenna Foxton

Julia Biel. Photo credit (c) Jenna Foxton