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'Something Beautiful' - a video by Jordan Copeland

What a fab year it has been!! Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to see and hear me and my musicians this year at all the various shows around and about! It’s always a huge pleasure to get to play my songs for you.

This beautiful year is rounded off visually by ‘Something Beautiful’ by the videographer Jordan Copeland who has created an amazing sequence out of archive footage for my song. He had this to say about his approach:

"For me, this song belongs to the ancient tradition of ambiguous love poetry, in which it’s unclear whether the subject is a person or something more spiritual. Like Rumi - I wanted the video to ride the line between personal and profound, to say something about the human condition, about capital-B Beauty, to offer a perspective on the fundamental nature of things.”

When I watch what he has created, it speaks to me about mankind’s discovery and enjoyment of our beautiful planet whilst warning of our impending and careless destruction of it. It offers a timely wake-up call to our species to realise what is happening. I love what he has made. See what you think and watch it here!


A short film narrative concept by director David Tallon and produced by Benn Capon, we had a lot of fun making this surreal fantasy of a video for you!  Shot on location at The Clapton Country Club and at various other East London spots over a long weekend, special thanks go to Terence Bates, owner of The Clapton Country Club who not only let us use his club but also his flat and he also features as an extra <3.  It was truly wonderful to behold such generosity of spirit in the name of creativity - total legend!  Can't wait to play at The Clapton Country Club some time - a gem of a place.  Premiered in The Telegraph, you can watch the whole wondrous outcome on this link.  Enjoy!

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NEW VIDEO 'You do my head in' (Triptyc Remix)

Have you seen it yet?  Shot in a studio in deepest darkest Kingston, the claustrophobia of the video for Triptyc's re-working of the song 'You do my head in' intentionally highlights the unsettling nature of his version's rumbling hypnotic drums and eerie analogue synth sounds.  Check it out here

This re-working of 'You do my head in' forms part of the Remix EP 'Licence to be Cruel' released shortly before Christmas.  I've been collecting remixes for a while but these ones are my favourites - and so the EP contains the work of 5 amazing remixers re-imagining my songs brought together on this remix EP for the first time,

You can get hold of all 5 tracks on a Limited Edition CD from the shop page (only a few left now!) or via bandcamp and it is also available as a digital download both in the shop page as well as from all the usual places.  The guys over at The Musical Melting Pot website wrote a lovely review of the EP which you can have a read of here

Stay tuned - more new music coming soon! 



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