'JULIA BIEL' (album)

'JULIA BIEL' (album)




'Biel's third solo album confirms her knack for penning smart, intimate songs and delivering them in a voice both crystalline and dreamy... a total delight'  LONDON EVENING STANDARD ****

'Another hauntingly enigmatic collection of mostly self-penned songs of an exceptional drama, breadth and craft... Biel's voice is unfailingly beautiful in tone throughout.' JAZZWISE ****

'Julia Biel has a great voice.  That is possibly the understatement of the year so far... She is amazing.  Soon any comparisons will stop because Biel is…Biel.' JAZZ IN EUROPE

'Another fantastic album from Julia Biel, I can't get enough of this artist.' JAMIE CULLUM, RADIO 2





'Raw and wonderful.. this is a gem' LONDON EVENING STANDARD ****

'Characterised by a raw emotional power and timbral richness, Biel's voice is exceptionally beautiful throughout.  An unequivocal triumph.' JAZZWISE ****

'One of the most interesting artists in the UK at the moment, stylistically somewhere between a jazz singer, Radiohead, Bjork and Amy Winehouse... a mixture of a lot of amazing things, and fresh, exciting and very accessible at the same time.' JAMIE CULLUM, BBC RADIO 2

' a beguiling album to draw you under the artist’s irresistible spell.  A singer who sounds like no other - a talented and attractively different artist.' ECHOES MAGAZINE

'Loungey and very unblatantly Holiday-esque in its artistry but open-ended stylistically, an album that could appeal to a wide range of listeners whether they are jazz heads or not, Biel even rocks out on the guitar-heavy ‘Out of Control’... the late diva [Amy Winehouse] is a good point of comparison - Biel just as adept at shaping mesmerising vocal lines that suck you in to her own very personal world.' MARLBANK.NET ****

'NOT ALONE' (album)

'NOT ALONE' (album)


'soul-baring songs of great beauty from the best British vocalist to emerge in an age.'  THE INDEPENDENT

'On a well-crafted album of originals that explore a wide range of moods, she’s content to let melody and lyrics do the work for her.  Not only is her voice warm and natural, but nothing sounds forced and she’s convincing.  Which, of course, is a sure sign of genuine talent.' Stuart Nicholson, THE OBSERVER MUSIC MONTHLY ****

'Despite critical attempts to compare her with everyone from Norah Jones to Bjork, Julia Biel has her own style… formidably accurate in both pitch and rhythm and beautifully controlled.'  THE OBSERVER

'her songwriting is extremely sound but it’s her vocal style that’s truly arresting.  Neither gutsy nor pretty-pretty, hers is a voice which can shift from a chorister-like purity to a breathy rasp within a couple of songs, with a delivery that manages to encompass everything from optimism to an offhand world-weariness.'  BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE****

'Vocalist Julia Biel’s breezy soul-folk is a tonic for those weary of endless standards and Songbook recycling.  Not quite a jazz singer, Biel remains one of the most underrated vocalists we have, combining a dusky yet fragile way with words (try Norah-meets-Bjork-meets-Thom Yorke) with heart-felt songwriting… a truly distinctive and charming singer/songwriter.' JAZZWISE****

JULIA BIEL performing in Maastricht, The Netherlands

JULIA BIEL performing in Maastricht, The Netherlands


'a voice of supreme subtlety and honeyed depth.  Her mesmerizing voice and magnetic stage presence should encourage many to follow where she leads…' THE GUARDIAN

'Just occasionally, one has the chance to catch an artist on the verge of a breakthrough. Those of us who watched Norah Jones on her first UK date at a small Soho club could not have known that within a few months her voice would assail us from every radio in the land. But it was clear that there was something special about her... Julia Biel could be in line for a similarly meteoric rise.' THE INDEPENDENT

'The trouble with infatuations is that your friends see through them but don't usually tell you until after the expected come down.  I've been raving about Julia Biel ever since her album 'Not Alone' became superglued to my CD player, and now here she was playing live and there are several discriminating chums in the audience... I needn't have worried.  Afterwards it was me that couldn't get a word in edgeways.  She is that good.  I knew it.  Another couple of hundred hearts won over by her unassumingly assured artistry.'  VENUE MAGAZINE, BRISTOL

'Her lyrics were elevated by a voice that could make DIY shelf assembly instructions sound emotional.' JAZZWISE

'for the first time I truly realised what a highly accomplished instrumentalist she has become.  The quality of Biel’s voice and of her songwriting shone through - a very impressive performance from Biel and her colleagues.' THE JAZZMANN

JULIA BIEL, photo by Jenna Foxton

JULIA BIEL, photo by Jenna Foxton


'This woman has character in spades – and what a voice:  smoky, intense, fat and colourful.  All wrapped up in a successful mix of jazz, pop and soul, but it’s her individuality that dominates.' HAMBURGER MORGENPOST

'Sensitivity, intelligent arrangements and an unfeasibly expressive voice brimming with charisma makes this debut a modern classic.'  AUDIO MAGAZINE, GERMANY

'From her very first note, the English woman had the crammed hall under her magical spell woven out of her pride and vulnerability.  Her impressive voice control and melancholic guardedness captivated the audience immediately and didn’t let go during an impressively sensual one and a half hour long performance.' SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, GERMANY

'Across all genres, Julia Biel's is THE new voice coming out of England.' JAZZ IN MARCIAC, FRANCE

'With her voice she hypnotises her audience, with her stage presence she holds us under her spell.   'Love Letters and Other Missiles' is a beautiful and unusual album that rewards the listener with plenty of wonderful twists and turns.  A real discovery!'  HR2 KULTUR, GERMANY

'The whole thing adds up to an artist of unusual character…  Whoever hears her once can’t praise her highly enough.  You will be smitten soon, and that’s a promise.'  ABOUTJAZZ.DE, GERMANY

'It only takes a few notes to fall in love with this voice.  Bets are on: the beginning of an extraordinary career.' STEREOPLAY, GERMANY